Child Protective Services

Child Protective Services (CPS) cases are confidential in nature. Therefore, if you are making any inquires about a case, you MUST be a party in the case and be able to provide photo identification. Also, if you have an attorney on the case, all inquires must be made through that attorney not directly to the District Clerk's Office.

Requesting copies for confidential records is a three step process. The first step is to search for and retrieve the file. There is an initial search fee of $5.00 (per name) along with the Confidential Records Copy Request Form. Payment can be exact cash (if in person), cashier's check, or money order.

Once the file is retrieved, the next step is to send the file and copy request form to a Judge for approval. If the Judge approves the request, the final step is for the clerk to contact the person making the request with the total cost for the copies. The current charge for copies is $.50 per page for normal copies and $1.00 per page for certified copies. Once the payment is received along with a self-addressed stamped envelope, the copies will be mailed out.

For agencies making copy requests, be sure to have the request on agency letterhead and have your agency credentials. This will expedite the process and allows us to provide the copies free of charge.

All inquiries regarding court dates and times are handled by the County Court Coordinator at 254-933-5345. This includes verifying a court date, making a court date, or changing a court date. The District Clerk's Office does not perform any of these functions.

CPS cases are heard at the Bell County, County Court located at 104 S. Main Street in Belton on the 4th floor. For more information contact the County Court Coordinator at 254-933-5345.

For those agencies that work with the District Clerk's Office with regard to CPS cases, please be sure to follow a few simple instructions:

  1. Always have the case number (not just the name);

  2. Always have your agency credentials;

  3. Be sure your requests are in writing and on your agencies letterhead.

  4. Please use the Cover Letter when requesting the Judge's signature on an order or document.

Click here to review the rules and procedures for CPS cases within Bell County.