Court Schedule

The District Court Coordinator provides the current weeks court schedules. The court schedules are a snap-shot at a given point in time, meaning, it is possible that changes are not reflected in the schedule. To obtain the most current court date contact the appropriate Court Coordinator.

  • The 27th District Court, Court Coordinator   254-933-5261
  • The 146th District Court, Court Coordinator 254-933-6737
  • The 169th District Court, Court Coordinator 254-933-5265
  • The 264th District Court, Court Coordinator 254-933-5245
  • The 426th District Court, Court Coordinator 254-933-5246

Click here to see the CRIMINAL court docket for the Bell County District Courts. Click here to see the CIVIL court docket for Bell County District Courts. These schedules are updated multiple times a day. Again, for the most current information, contact the Court Coordinator listed above.

Click here for the daily CRIMINAL court docket for the Bell County District Courts updated on a daily basis.