District Clerk

Divorce Filing Checklist

Review the checklist of items to have ready when you go to the District Clerk's Office:

  Item Particulars
  Petition Have the original petition and two copies (for a total of three). The clerk will keep the original and time/date stamp the other two copies. One is for your records and the other must be given to your spouse.
  BVS Form The two-page BVS form, also called the "Information on Suits Affecting the Family Relationship" form can be downloaded from this website. For divorces with no children, click here for instructions. For divorces with children: click here.

  Payment The following are the forms of payment accepted at the District Clerk's Office:

-Money Order
-Cashier's Check
-Credit Card
-Cash (exact amount)

Click here for the cost of filing a divorce. There may be additional fees depending on other services you may request.

After receiving your documents and payment, the clerk will sign you up for the mandatory Pro Se Clinic. This class is required for all individuals who choose to represent themselves in court rather than use an attorney.

At the time of filing, if your spouse will not agree to sign the Waiver of Service (because they are contesting the divorce), you can have the divorce papers served on them. There is a fee for serving divorce papers and the clerk will keep one copy of the divorce petition to send to the Sheriff's Office (or private service company). You must TELL the clerk you wish to serve your spouse the divorce papers, they will not ask you.


A common mistake at this point is to file the Waiver of Service the same day that you file the divorce petition. 

Be sure the Waiver of Service is signed (and notarized) one day AFTER you have filed for divorce. If it is signed anytime before this, you will have to have your spouse sign another Waiver of Service.