District Clerk

Military Contact Information

The following information pertains to the Judge Advocate General (JAG) offices located at Fort Hood. The best resource for information on the JAG offices can be found on the III Corps website. Below are the highlights of what the III Corps JAG offices can provide for military personnel as it pertains to divorce.

Eligibility Requirements:
The District Clerk's Office has been advised by JAG of the following qualifications in order to receive assistance:

  • E5 or below;
  • Uncontested divorce (both parties agree on all aspects)
  • No children and wife not pregnant;
  • No real estate;
  • Both parties are willing to sign all necessary documents;
  • First review video from III Corps website.

Legal Assistance:
The attorneys within JAG may not be licensed to practice Family Law in Texas. They are authorized to assist in the preparation of the divorce paperwork and offer limited legal guidance. If the JAG office creates the documents necessary for divorce, the requirement for attending the Pro Se Clinic is waived.

The following information pertains to the Fort Hood Consolidated Client Services Office, Legal Assistance office.

The III Corps website is thorough. It contains an excellent video regarding divorce in Texas. This website is the best source for JAG related questions for all divisions located at Fort Hood.

Email Address

Monday through Wednesday, and Friday: 0900 - 1600, Thursday: 1300 --1600

Attorney Consultation:
Monday through Wednesday and Friday. Clients are seen on an appointment basis. To schedule an appointment contact 254-287-7901 (or 3199). You can also appear in person to schedule an appointment.

Building 13, on 52nd street (west of the III Corps Headquarters building).

Mailing Address
OSJA, III Corps and Fort Hood 
1001 761st Tank Battalion Avenue 
Fort Hood, Texas 76544-5008

Phone Numbers
254-287-7901, 254-287-3199, 254-2872509 or 254-287-2514 (DSN 737-XXXX) 
Fax: 254-287- 5297 (DSN 737-5297)