District Clerk


The Final Divorce Decree formalizes the divorce. This is the document the judge will sign to legally grant the divorce. It is very important that this information match the information in the Divorce Petition. Although the documents resemble each other, they serve two very distinct purposes. The Divorce Petition asks for a divorce, whereas the Divorce Decree actually grants the divorce.


If you are seeking alimony or spousal support, seek out the assistance of an attorney as this can be complicated and difficult to establish.

It is important to note that you must present a divorce decree at your court hearing.

If you and your spouse agree with the information within the Decree, you should both sign it. As with all documents, you should prepare the original and two copies (one for the court file, one for you, and one for your spouse).

If there are minor children, the Income Withholding Order, the Health Insurance Information Form, and the Medical Support Order should also be prepared at this time. You can get examples of these documents in a public library or on the internet at www.texasbar.com.

In Bell County there is a standing Court Order requiring a Co-Parenting Class for those seeking divorce who have minor children. Both parents are required to attend. For more information on the available classes in the Bell County area, click below.