Bell County's Financial Rating Affirmed at AA+ by Standard & Poor's Investment Rating Service

Bell County received good news on July 3rd with the announcement that Standard & Poor's had affirmed the financial rating of Bell County at AA+.  Over the past several years Bell County has seen its rating increased three levels from A-1 to AA+.
County Judge Jon Burrows, County Commissioner Tim Brown, County Auditor Donna Eakin, County Treasurer Charles Jones, and financial advisor Gary Kimble of Specialized Public Finance, Inc. of Austin had made presentations recently as a part of the periodic review by Standard & Poor's.
According to Judge Burrows, Standard and Poor's credited the affirmation due to Bell County's strong financial condition, strong budgetary performance, very strong liquidity, very strong management conditions & financial practices, and conservative budgeting techniques.  Standard & Poor's pointed out that the county benefits from the broad and diverse economy of the Killeen-Temple metropolitan statistical area and the presence of Fort Hood, which was viewed as a stabilizing credit factor.
Standard and Poor's stated that Bell County had a stable outlook based on its very strong budgetary flexibility position, which is supported by strong management practices, and that Standard and Poor's expected that the county's budgetary performance will remain strong.