Commissioners Court Approves Child Safety Fee Allocations

Belton, TX – On Monday, December 7, the Bell County Commissioners Court approved the distribution of $373,597 in Child Safety Fee Allocations to Bell County and Bell County cities.

Shay Luedeke, Tax Assessor-Collector for Bell County, made a report to the commissioners regarding this year’s Child Safety Fee Allocations. These funds come from a $1.50 fee collected on every Vehicle Registration. In the 2020 fiscal year, the county registered 277,739 vehicles, resulting in $415,108 in Child Safety fees.

“Due to the Registration waiver from the Governor of Texas that started in March of this year the funds are $20,527.50 less than Fiscal Year 2019,” Luedeke said. “This translates to about 15,000 registrations which are not current in Bell County.”

“The Registration waiver is still in place,” Luedeke said. “You are not required to renew your registration at this time, but it is encouraged to keep it current.  The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles has been in contact with the Governor’s office to consider when the waiver could be lifted, and we will let you know when that happens.”

By Texas law, the funds must be used for Crossing Guard Programs. However, if a city does not have such a program, School Districts can use the funds on health, nutrition, child abuse prevention and intervention, or drug and alcohol abuse prevention.

Child Safety Fee Allocations are distributed to city’s based on populations reported in the 2010 U.S. Census. Below is a breakdown of this year’s allocations by city:


 $  154,034.31


 $    79,613.66

Harker Heights

 $    32,166.76


 $    21,930.18


 $      5,118.29

Morgan's Point Resort

 $      5,006.21


 $      2,577.82

Little River-Academy

 $      2,353.67


 $      1,942.71


 $      1,867.99


 $      1,457.03


 $      1,344.95

Bell County (Unincorporated Area)

 $    64,184.07

Luedeke will try to deliver checks during the City Council meetings of each municipality. For those city councils not currently meeting in-person, he plans to send the checks via registered mail.