Bell County Vaccination Centers Closed Monday and Tuesday

Belton, TX – All three of the Bell County’s vaccination centers will be closed on Monday, February 15, and Tuesday, February 16, due to inclement weather. All appointments on those days will be automatically rescheduled.

Only the second dose vaccination center at the Bell County Expo was scheduled to be open on Monday, but predictions for icy weather led health officials to make the decision to keep it closed for both Monday and Tuesday.

“In a typical day of operation, the Expo depends on the work of more than 70 volunteers, many of whom work outside directing traffic and helping with paperwork,” Bell County Judge David Blackburn said. “With the weather forecast for Monday and Tuesday, and what road conditions might look like, it’s just the right call.  We don’t want people, either the volunteers or those who want to be vaccinated, out on the roads.”

“In addition, our vaccine supply delivery for the week may well be impacted by the weather,” Judge Blackburn added.  “We really need to have our vaccine in hand before we schedule appointments.”

County officials have plans for how to reschedule those with second doses scheduled for Monday and Tuesday. Until those can be announced, they are assuring everyone with an appointment impacted by the closure that are still guaranteed their shot.

“We know that these appointments and vaccinations are extremely important to people,” Judge Blackburn said. “I hope that they will hear me when I say that, if you have an appointment on a day that our centers are closed, we still have a dose for you. You may just have to wait a little longer to get it.”

Those individuals that had appointments to receive their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine on Tuesday, February 16, do not need to do anything.  Their appointments have automatically been moved exactly one week to the same time on Tuesday, February 23, in the same location as they were originally scheduled.

Bell County health officials are closely monitoring weather conditions for the rest of the week.  Please note that more closures may be necessary due to the weather, as weather forecasters are warning of another winter storm approaching the area mid-week.  Plans are in place to guarantee new appointments and vaccine doses for anyone whose appointment might be impacted by weather closures.

For the most up-to-date information on the closure or delayed opening of Bell County vaccination centers, please monitor the Bell County website and Facebook page.