Bell County Assisting with Area Warming Centers and Shelters

Belton, TX – On Tuesday, February 16, Bell County Judge David Blackburn held a virtual meeting of city, county, and school leaders. The subject was how best to serve Bell County residents struggling through this winter storm.

“My main goal was to determine how each of the attending municipality and community groups were responding to the crisis and to see how the county could be supporting them.”

During the meeting, Judge Blackburn asked that any institution that was considering opening a warming station or shelter for the night contact the Bell County Office of Emergency Management with information about their plans and any are of need with which the county to assist, including with the provision of cots, blankets, and pillows.

“I want to thank the multiple partners we have across Bell County, who have come together to get 14 shelters and warming centers in place for this evening,” Judge Blackburn said. “As with just about everything we do, it has been a team effort.  From cities, to school districts, to churches, and volunteers, it is amazing to see such a truly collaborative effort to help those in need.”

Below is an updated list of warming stations and shelters currently open across Bell County:


*The list above was last updated at 1:55 p.m. on Saturday, February 20.

All of the sites listed above say they will be requiring masking and social distancing. They are also requesting that residents bring any necessary medications, as well as extra clothing, food, water, bedding.