Pursuant to Chapter 2007 of the Texas Government Code, notice is hereby given regarding the intention of Bell County, Texas, acting by and through its Commissioners Court, to conduct a public hearing on April 12,  2021, at 9:00 AM in the Commissioners Courtroom located at the Bell County Courthouse, 101 Central Ave., Belton, Texas, to consider the adoption of Game Room Regulations in Bell County, Texas, and to receive public comment on said proposed actions.

The proposed actions will include new regulations as authorized by Chapter 234 of the Texas Local Government Code concerning the following general areas:

  • Regulating the operation of game rooms;
  • Restricting the location of game rooms to specified areas of the county, including the unincorporated area of the county;
  • Prohibiting a game room location within a certain distance of a school, regular place of religious worship, or residential neighborhood; and
  • Restricting the number of game rooms that may operate in a specified area of the county.

As required by Section 2007.043 of the Texas Government Code, a Takings Impact Assessment (TIA) of the proposed regulations was completed. The TIA, using the analysis outlined by the Texas Attorney General, has determined that the adoption of these regulations does not constitute an unconstitutional taking of real property, as defined by Section 2007.002 of the Texas Government Code. The proposed actions were determined to be exempted from the Texas Private Real Property Rights Preservation Act (“Act”), in accordance with Texas Government Code §2007.003(b)(13) as the proposed action is:  (1) taken in response to a real and substantial threat to public health and safety; (2) designed to significantly advance the health and safety purpose, and (3) does not impose a greater burden than necessary to achieve the health and safety purpose.

Copies of the proposed regulations and the Takings Impact Assessment are available for inspection in the Bell County Judge’s Office located at the Bell County Courthouse, 101 Central Ave., Belton, Texas.

Any persons interested in expressing their views on the proposed game room regulations and takings impact assessment are encouraged to attend the public hearing.