Bail Bond Board Members

Judge John Mischtian, Chairman Bell County Court at Law #2
Joanna Staton, Secretary Bell County District Clerk
Bob Odom Bell County District Attorney's Office
Gaylon Evans
Bell County Treasurer
Shelley Coston, Vice-Chairman Bell County Clerk
Lt. Esteban (Stevie) Ramirez Lieutenant, Bell County Sheriff's Department, Jail Division
Judge Fancy Jezek 426th Judicial District
Bill Schumann Bell County Commissioner, Precinct 3
Judge Cliff Coleman Justice of the Peace, Precinct 2
Latesia Ganos
Bail Bond Representative
Thomas M. Seigman Attorney at Law
Mark D. Kimball Municipal Judge
AJ Wolfe - Non-Member Internal Auditor, County Auditors Office
Gloria Ramos - Non-Member Assistant Secretary to Board